Our Recent Projects

We have successfully completed an impressive variety of home renovation projects. Our management processes have significantly benefited from the experience we have gained in project management. We now employ systems and methods that have been honed by our many years in the business.


This project list demonstrates our ability to manage and construct a huge variety of home improvement projects. We also believe that the examples given below exemplify our philosophy of achieving great results by keeping things simple.



A key part of your home renovation should begin with an energy audit blueprint that will help implement a long-term energy savings plan. The energy savings goals that are achieved will make your home more affordable and increase your homes value.

During a home renovation any home can update its technology infrastructure. This will allow you to take advantage of all the new entertainment technology and product innovations available today. Our projects do not sacrifice style and comfort when using sustainable products. Some of the most popular products amongst designers are renewables. 


Every kitchen should be the "heart of the home"-welcoming and inviting. This new living space will give your home that

"One of a Kind" look and feel that invites and pleases. Unique lighting and special features will make the kitchen an enjoyable place to work, eat and relax while saving energy.



Bathrooms can receive the benefits of our services in many ways. Employing low-flow plumbing fixtures and other water saving devices help make your home more affordable. Maintaining a theme throughout the house will make your new renovation welcoming and updated for years to come. We will assist you by making your ideas flow throughout the house.

Entertainment, Game Rooms and Technology

Your entertainment room, game room, and other key rooms like an in home office can become wonderful places with the addition of WiFi, Yamaha MusicCastiTunes, and AppleTV. Networks and Apple products are one of our fields of expertise. Technology can make your living space versatile and future ready for relaxation or work. With our help you can get more out of these exciting and complex technologies making your time at home more productive and fun. Visit Home Theater Concierge for more information.

Materials and Design

Leaf Home Renovations LLC specializes in homes of all makes and model. We have worked on historic homes and modern day homes alike. New products and technology can provide handsome and current updates to any residence. With all these improvements in materials durability and technology your home will feel new and versatile. The experience of choosing many of the design details and features gives you that individual signature that truely makes it "your dream home".

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