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New technology is changing what an entertainment room can be. Integrating the latest Apple TV products such as iTunes and audio streaming from Pandora, Spotify, Qobuz  along with Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu and more allows you to enjoy the latest technology for your theater and TV living spaces.. A robust WiFi system makes your 4K theater projector, 4K Smart TV's,

Blu-ray, and Apple TV transform your theater or family room into the favorite space in the house. Lighting control and automated shades create the ideal ambiance for your home theater. Enhancing other rooms in your home with High Definition TV and distributed multi room audio will make every space special. Combining all of the previously mentioned technology creates a personal entertainment room like no other.  We take great pride in the quality of our work and the customer service we provide. Whether your home entertainment plans are big or small, we can help put todays complex technologies together. We are proud to feature quality products from Yamaha, Yamaha MusicCast, Samsung TV, Apple, LG TV, Revox, Gold Note, Ortofon, Sony TV, Solid Tech Furnture, Thorens, Lutron Lighting, Philips Hue,  KEF Loudspeakers, Screen Inovations, Vertere Acoustics, Esprit Cable, Erro, Panamax and many more.

Album for April-May

Album of the Month for April-May: Sofi Tukker Wet Tennis. Sofi Tukker is the duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. The duo meet at Brown University in 2014. The two meet at an art gallery where Sophie was performing. Tucker Halpern approached her and they began writing and performing songs together soon after this initial meeting. Sofi Tukker released Soft Animals on July 8th 2016. Drinkee, Awoo and Moon Tattoo showed early on that this new music partnership had developed a unique sound of Pop, Electro Dance, House and Disco elements. Best Friend is featured on the album Treehouse and gave them their most played single in 2017. Sofi Tukker began DJing while sheltering at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to an online following known as the "Freak Fam" and formed their own social media channels and held Zoom dance parties during the livestreams. Wet Tennis debuted with Original Sin in February 2022. The song questions the idea of original sin and how it has shaped todays moral codes. To be human is just more complex and requires a better understanding of our condition. Summer in New York pays homage to Suzanne Vegas's Tom's Diner. Sophie's voice on many of her songs highlights her jazz singer abilities. Kakee has a early 007 spy guitar theme featuring her vocals in Portuguese. Her most popular song Brazilian Soul was performed in Portuguese and released with The Knocks in 2018. Sofi Tukker currently performs this popular track as a solo with acoustic guitar when in concert. Hold is a duet that speaks to the deep connections of loving others. The Sun Came Up is about being together, dancing and being hopeful after the recent pandemic. What a Wonderful World is a cover of the great Louis Armstrong and showcases Sophies jazz vocals. The albums title song Wet Tennis is an acronym for the motto "When Everyone Tries To Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe". Sofi Tukkers latest album is full of positivity and embracing the fun parts of life. Click the album for more information on turntables, phono pickups, vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

Theater and Surround Sound

Build the entertainment room of your dreams today.


OK so your wife told you it is time to buy a new TV. You should surprise her with a whole new room. We specialize in helping our clients make their design ideas come to life, giving their entertainment room that "one of a kind" feel. A Yamaha 11.1 Dolby Atmos digital surround experience with Gold Note audio amplification Revox Loudspeakers and a 11' Screen Innovations movie screen combined with a Epson Laser 8K HDTV Projector will keep movie night at home. The entertainment room of your dreams is closer than you think. Whether your room update is simple or complex we have been helping our customers understand and enjoy new entertainment technology since 1981. 

Funiture to organinze all of your entertainment components

We offer Audio Video furniture solutions from several companies that include Crate&Barrel. We enjoy designer status with them! We are also USGBC REGREEN Certified and they offer many sustainable furniture options. The best way to make a room feel warm and inviting is to choose the right furnishings. We can help with furniture products from Crate&Barrel, Sanus and many more.

Click the logo to see audio video furniture offerings from Crate&Barrel.

Whole Home Entertainment

We have a whole lot of things going on today.


The wife and her friends want iTunes music on the patio. The kids want to play Wii Bowling in the game room. The Big Game in the family room is keeping everyone else on the edge of thier seats. We will help you with all of the technology so you can spend more time with friends and family. Comfortably enjoy any gathering without your technology getting in the way.

System Control

The salesman at the store told you all this new gear will be easy to use.


He was right. Today's new Smart TV's and the latest audio-video components have never offered more quality and performance. However to unlock all of this potential and still keep everything easy to use can be quite the challenge. We will design and program a "One Remote" solution to control everything. The planning and design of your new system, combined with our knowledge and expertise, will make any complex system easy to use. When technology changes and components are added or replaced, we will update your "One Remote" to accomodate them. That is what we offer at

Home Theater Concierge

Lighting, Shades and Design

Details, details, details...


Custom lighting and control creates the perfect setting for any entertainment experience. We can design and install a comprehensive lighting plan that integrates onto your "One Remote", making it easy to set the right mood. Your "One Remote" can also integrate adjustable shades for manipulating daylight glare or any ambient light issue. Planning a theme and style for your room design can add greatly to your entertainment space. Put your ideas into the hands of our craftsman and technicians to create the entertainment room of your dreams.

Gold Note is celebrating their 10th Aniversary. They offer a full line of stereo and multi channel electronics, turntables, moving coil pickups, DAC streamers and audio furniture. All materials and finished products are sourced and manufactured in Italy. Click here for more information.  

Yamaha is celebrating their 125th Anniversary with the latest in digital home theater, sound bars, personal audio and more...

Click the link below to explore all their newest innovations.

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