"Siri light the kitchen for the party."

The "heart" of any home is the kitchen. Creating unique lighting scenes will set the right atmosphere and function to any gathering. Here we have designed, progammed and installed Philips Hue LED light strip for undercabinet and crown molding upper cabinet lighting. You have full control on your smart phone and tablet as well as home automation through Apple Home Kit.

"Alexa Play Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits"

The party would not be complete without the right music. We can play your favorite playlist via your smart phone with Yamaha MusicCast. All of your favorite artist's are a touch away using the Yamaha MusicCast App on your smart phone and tablet.

"Siri I need the weather today, play Katy Perry playlist and turn the kitchen lights on"

Apple will be releasing the Apple HomePod this December 2017. You will be able to turn on/off lights, turn on iTunes and search the internet for news and information via Siri. You can intergrate this media hub to Apple HomeKit. Click the link image for more information at Apple.

"I think we have our first Snow Day"

Controling your homes HVAC is simple and easy with Ecobee thermostats. These will home automate via your smart phone and tablet. Also this will intergrate with Apple Home Kit on any Apple smart device.

Smart Home by Leaf Home Renovations LLC

L.e.a.f. Home Renovations LLC offers easy retrofit solutions to add "smart-home" features to your existing home. Apple now offers a simple solution using "Apple HomeKit" to control lights, outlets, thermostats, cellular shades, fans, speakers, motion sensors, locks, cameras, doorbells, and printers. All of these are controlled using your smart phone or tablet.


We can design and automate room functions according to mornings, afternoons and evenings. Cellular shades will lower automatically in the evenings, lights in the front porch will activate, thermostats adjust according to the current weather, security accessories begin and thus create the peace of mind that you want your home to reflect.


Updating your WiFi into a robust network can support everything in your home. Programming scenes for mornings afternoons, and evenings provide a care-free energy-efficient home system.

To learn more about Apple HomeKit click the logo above.