Custom Network and WiFi Updating

Since 1981, our roots have been in the audio-video entertainment and technology industry. Technology is advancing very rapidly. The latest innovations from companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Philips Hue, Lutron Caseta and Yamaha MusicCast makes today's home entertainment products both exciting and complex. In order to fully take advantage of these products and technologies, commercial grade network/Wifi upgrades are needed to unleash their full performance. We are comprehensive technology specialists involved at the earliest stages of your home updating. We make today's extremely complex technologies work flawlessly in your home.

Music throughout your home at the touch of a button

Leaf Home Renovations LLC will assist you at every stage, from 

pre-renovation to completion. We want to work with you, gather your ideas and priorities early in the design and planning of your home udates. A robust Network/WiFi upgrade will ensure that todays sophisticated entertianment products like Yamaha MusicCast will perform music steaming without lag or interuption. Todays network products like Philips Hue Lighting, Lutron Caseta Shades, iTunes and many more will perform properly when needed from your smart phone or tablet every time.

Lighting Control Made Simple

Companies Like Philips Hue offer lighting that will operate from your smart phone or tablet. The free applications are easy to use and let you control on/off, dimming, color and automation. You can come home every evening to front porch lights, entry lights and key room lighting on without searching for a light switch in the dark. You can have all off automation so no one leaves a light on saving you money on your utility bill. These are LED low energy lights that last for many years before needing to be replaced. We offer easy to use lighting systems that save you money and make every day use simple. We are USGBC REGREEN Remodeler Certified with over 36 years of audio-video knowledge and expertise.

A Splash of Color to Match the Mood

When the holidays arrive during the year that means decorating. You can add color to your lighting zones easily with Philips Hue Lighting. We can help you set up colored lighting scenes for outside and inside your home for any holiday, party or special ocassion. Showcase any room or specialty light with a splash of color from your smart phone or table. 

Arizona ROC: 277627 Residential-B-3