Audio Furniture from Solid Tech

Solid Tech Audio Furniture from Sweden

features unique isolation systems that decouple the room resonance from your audio gear. This is a must for improved turntable isolation and associated 2 channel electronis. In addition to isolation specialty feet eliminate static with feet of concrete. They offer both verticle and horizontal options. All series offer different wood finishes and accessories. Click here to view their entire furniture lineup.

Audio Furniture from Gold Note

Audio Furniture Gold Note from Italy

Gold Note offers unique rack solutions for turntables and associated 2 channel components. These rack solutions are available in many wood finishes and hand crafted in Italy. Click here to view their entire furniture lineup.


Audio Video Furniture from Crate & Barrel

We enjoy designer status with

Crate & Barrel. They offer audio/video designer furniture for any room decor. In addition to the design their products boast materials that are sustainably sourced and healthier for your home. Click here to view their entire furniture lineup.  

Entertainment, Game Rooms and Technology

Your entertainment room, game room, and other key rooms like an in home office can become wonderful places with the addition of WiFi, Yamaha MusicCastiTunes, and AppleTV. Networks and Apple products are one of our fields of expertise. Technology can make your living space versatile and future ready for relaxation or work. With our help you can get more out of these exciting and complex technologies making your time at home more productive and fun. Visit Home Theater Concierge for more information.

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