Why Play Vinyl Today?

Vinyl puts you emotionally closer to the artist and creates a "one on one" connection with the music like the performer intended. Playing music on vinyl helps you fully connect with new and old music while taking a much needed break from technology and social media. Listening to your favorite music from your past instantly brings back treasured memories with a new appreciation for the artist and the quality of the original recordings. Todays turntables, pickups and associated electronics exceed quality and performance from the past through higher resolution and ultra low distortion. Older music is a new experiance and new music has the benifits of better recording techniques beyond streaming. Enjoying music on vinyl is like listening to an actual musical instrument in your home. A grand piano that plays itself for instance. Many albums have been remastered on 180 gram or higher weight vinyl using the original studio master tapes. Only vinyl offers true studio quality sound for your home. e-retailers and local stores offer an excellent selection for any music preferences.

( Yes we offer limited edition vinyl for sale ).

Audition of these products is by appointment. Please call to make your reservation today. 303-637-0667

Revox audio from Germany

The Revox Studio Master T-700 Turntable with carbon fiber tonearm, Ortofon bronze quintet moving coil pickup and a unique integtrated MC phono pre amplifier. Click here for more information on Revox.

Gold Note audio from Italy

Gold Note Valore 425 Plus turntable with B 5.1 tonearm in silver finish. Avalable in Walnut, Clear Acrylic, Silver and Black finishes. Click here for more information on Gold Note audio.

World class phono preamplifiers from Gold Note

Gold Note PH-10 phono preamplifier for MM and MC pickups. Available in Gold, Silver and Black finishes. Click here for more information on Gold Note audio.

Feel the power of Gold Note amplification.

Gold Note PA-10 power amplifier offers 300 watts into 8 ohms for the perfect solution for 2 channel and muti channel systems. Available in Gold, Silver and Black finishes. Click here for more information on Gold Note audio.

Vertere Acoustics from the UK

The Vertere MG-1 Magic Groove MKII turntable takes listening to vinyl to an unexpected level of clarity, expanded sound stage with concert like dynamics. Click here for more information on Vertere Acoustic.

Ortofon Phono Pickups from Denmark

Ortofon Cadenza Blue moving coil pickup from the worlds leader in phono pickups offers nude FG 70 stylus on a ruby cantilever. This moving coil pickup offers a wide open and grandiose soundstage, wide bandwidth and superior dynamics. Click here for more information on Ortofon MC pickups.

Solid Tech Audio Furniture from Sweden

Solid Tech Hybrid Wood Shelf System with suspenstion isolation, anti-static feet, cable management and leveling systems. Available in many wood finishes with multiple configuration options. Click here for more information on Solid Tech furniture.

Esprit Cables from France

Esprit Celesta audio cable solutions for speakers, interconnects and phono cables. Click here for more information on Esprit Audio Cables.

We are pleased to offer the following brands for stereo vinyl and multi channel systems: Revox, Thorens, Gold Note, Vertere, Ortofon, Esprit Cables, Solid Tech Furniture and many more.

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