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March Album of the Month. Tove Lo: Dirt Femme. This is Tove Lo's fifth studio album from the Swedish singer. She released the album independently on her label Pretty Swede Records on October 14th, 2022. In April of 2022 fellow singer Charli XCX revealed she worked with Lo "making the best music ever" in Palm Springs, CA. The two previously collaborated on Out of My Head from Charli's 2017 mixed tape Pop 2. Dirt Femme marks the first time Lo had complete creative control of the albums development process. The reviews for Dirt Femme are mostly positve earning a 77 score out of 100 from Metacritic. Some reviews still prefer her earlier works from Queen of the Clouds and Sunshine Kitty. I found this album to be a better showcase of how she has evolved as an artist. 2 Die 4 has everthing that you want in a hit pop single. Grapefruit tells a story of the personal demands of a young female pop stars struggle with looking just right all the time. Suburbia questions what a valuable relationship looks like and rejects the age old expectations of marriage and having children. Pineapple Slice has great pace and rhythm with the right amount of self confidence. How Long is the albums finish to a mature artist's struggles and desires that anyone can relate to. Seeing Tove Lo live February 20th at the Mission Ball Room in Denver was illuminating. Tove Lo tells a story with her music and the energy she brings is perfectly captured in Dirt Femme. The sonic quality of this album is top notch. The album is also fun and brings all of her talents as a story teller, pop star, performer and artist to life. Click the album for information on turntables, phono pickups, vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

February Album of the Month. Doja Cat: Hot Pink. This was Doja Cat's second studio album and was released Noveber 8, 2019. This album was a departure from her debut album Amala that was released in 2018. Hot Pink offers Pop, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop and elements of Soul. Hot Pink has produced seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100. The album peaked in 2020 achieving number nine on the US Billbard 200. The album is certified 2 X Platinum in the US. Juicy was Doja Cat's first significant commercial success selling over 3 million copies and she knew it would be well received prior to it's release. Bottom Bitch showcases Alternative Hip Hop, Pop-Punk and elements of Grunge. Like That reached number 50 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Say So Like Bottom Bitch gained traction on Tik Tok and has become a viral dance hit. Doja Cat has said that Hot Pink was the best representation of her talents as a singer, song writter, rapper and hip hop performer. She says that her debut album Amala was in her mind incomplete and that Hot Pink best showcased her goals as an artist. Click the album for more information on Turntables, Phono Pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

January Album of the Month. Dire Straits: Dire Straits. This was the British rock bands debut album. Dire Straits was released June 9th 1978. The album has the hit single Sultans of Swing which reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their debut album reached 4 X platinum in Canada, Platinum in Europe, 2 X Platinum in the UK and 2 X platinum in the US. Which sold over 2 million copies in the US alone. Mark Knopfler's guitar and Dylanesque vocals are the backbone of the entire album. Down to the Waterline begins with a guitar tuning riff with a low bass hum and speaks to a past romance at the waters edge. Water of Love brings a tight and rounded bottom bass kick drum with Knopfler's playful guitar lines. South Bound Again brings a silky smooth rock tune. Six Blade Knife highlights a mantra like bass line. Setting Me Up plays fast and with nothing but blues and rock and roll. Wild West End paints a picture of this edgy London neiborhood and all the streets colorful characters shuffling about. The album reviewed here is a MoFi half speed 45 rpm mastered Ultra Disc 1 Step and pressed o Super Vinyl serial #001553. For information on this Mobile Fidelity release click the link. Click the album for more information on Turntables, Phono Pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

December Album of the Month. Eye in The Sky: Alan Parsons Project. This was the sixth studio album by British rock band Alan Parsons Project, released in May 1982 by Arista Records. The album reached 2 X platinum in Canada, Platinum in Europe and was the last platinum record in the United States from the band. Sirius best known for the intro music during the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls dynasty teams introduces Eye in The Sky. Children of the Moon challenges the "Status Quo" of the past and present. Step by Step is a classic piano rock cut. The progressive rock epic Silence and I is delivered by Eric Woolfson's vocals and is a true heavy weight rocker. The Album finishes with Old and Wise a gorgeous rock ballad. The album blends progressive rock, pop rock, instrumental and symphonic elements that define the bands iconic sound. The album reveiwed is from the just released (November 10, 2022) eleven studio album boxset featuring half speed mastering and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The boxset was remastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Roads Studios using the original studio master tape digital transfers from 2016 and 2017. In addition Eric Woolfson's duplicate studio master tapes were used and approved by Alan Parsons to complete the boxset. Click the link for more information on this new collection. Click the album for more information on turntables, phono pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

November Album of the Month. The Best of Sade. This best of compilation was first released on October 31, 1994. The album version reviewed her was remastered in 2016 and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The album features a combination of R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz, Sophisti-Pop and Progressive Soul. The album achieved classic status soon after it's release and enjoys certification of 2 X platinum in the UK, 2 X platinum in Europe and 4 X platinum in the US. The technical sound qualities achieve a "Live Club Performance" which is present on every track. Your Love is King kicks off this best of album and offers you a front row seat at a medium size jazz venue where the dance floor is packed. Smooth Operator followed by Jezbel closes out side one. The Sweetest Taboo along with Never as Good as The First Time highlights side two. No Ordinary Love stands above the other tracks on side three. Cheerish The Day leaves you wanting an encore. Sade Adu is recognized as one the most successful British female artist in history. Click on the album for more information on turntables, phono pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

October Album of The Month. Lorde released Pure Heroine on September 27, 2013. The lead single Royals was followed by Tennis Court, Team and Glory and Gore. The album reached 3 X platinum in Australia and the US. The entire album ebbs and flows from song to song delivering Lorde's signiture sound of Dream Pop, Electronica, Electro Pop and Lorde's mesmerizing vocals talking about modern life from a young persons perspective. The sound stage is grand and brings powerful bass tracks on every song. The final song A World Alone features all of these elements and leaves wanting more. Click here for information on turntables, phono pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

September Album of The Month. Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia Moonlight Edition. The Future Nostalgia title song was first released on December 19, 2019. The complete album was released March 27, 2020. The Moonlight Edition was created and released during the lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. Since it's debut the album has enjoyed worldwide popularity. Dont Start Now, Physical, Break My Heart, Hallucinate and a remix of Levitating all acheived Billboard's Top 10. The genre features Dance-Pop, Electropop, Nu-Disco, Pop-Funk and Syn-Pop elements. Future Nostalgia: Moonlight Edition injects the club, disco and dancing into any venue. The final bonus track Un Dia (One Day) highlights the haunting vocals of Dua Lipa and the power of true love and family. Click here for more information on turntables, phono pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.           

August Album of The Month. Debuting atop the Billboard 200 Rare gave Selena Gomez her third consecutive number one album in the US. This album was promoted by two singles Lose You to Love Me earning her first number one single in the US. Then Look at Her Now topped 27th and ultimatley the title track Rare ranked 30th in 2019. Selena Gomez released the full album on January 10, 2020. Rare features exceptional studio production on every track producing a "Club Like" bottom end, grandiose 3D sound stage all while featuring the shimmering vocals of Miss Gomez. Most reviews consider Rare her best album to date. Rare offers hit after hit. You'll play Vulnerable over and over again. Click here for more information on turntables, phono pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

July Album of The Month. Roxy Music: Avalon. We have added turntables, moving coil pickups, associated 2 channel electronics, audio furniture and Vinyl to our product offerings. Starting in July we are highlighting an album of the month. Roxy Music Avalon was the final studio release from this iconic band in May 1982. This album proved to be the culmination of the bands signiture sound. More Than This was the first top 10 single followed by Avalon and Take a Chance With Me. Like every album that stands the test of time you will play side B as soon as side A is finished. Ultimatley the album earned platinum certification in the US. Remember the Music is the Main Thing. Click her for more information on turntables, phono pickups, Vinyl, 2 channel and multi channel electronics.

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